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In 1994, began to try to get involved in Apple's acquisition of business, and test sales in Ningbo and other markets;
In 1995, it expanded from the purchase and sale of apples to the purchase and sale of Xiangshan mandarin oranges;
In 1998, leased 350 tons of cold wind storage in Da Wolong Village, Da Tuan Town, Rongcheng City to extend the time for fruit purchase and sale;
In 1999, acquired 350 tons of cold wind storage in Dingzihou Village, Yinzi Town, Rongcheng City, with a storage capacity of 700 tons after transformation;
In 2003, Rongcheng Huafeng Fruit Co., Ltd. was established, and a new 2,700-square-meter controlled atmosphere warehouse was built;
In 2005, 5100 square meters of controlled atmosphere storage will be expanded, with a total capacity of 10000 tons;

In 2006,Expansion of 2200 square meters of controlled atmosphere storage;

In 2008, registered the "Cuihong" brand trademark; established Rongcheng Huafeng Fruit Professional Cooperative;
In 2010, a total of 700 acres of land was transferred in Nanzicheng Village, Qiaotou Town, Huancui District, Weihai City, Houchangwan Village, Wendengying Town, Wendeng City, and Donglinghou Village, Hexi Village, Chengxi Street, Rongcheng City, to develop modern apple planting bases. Sanyou Fuji; transfer 50 acres of land in Donglinghou Village, breeding 300,000 seedlings;
In 2011, the Weihai Huafeng Sanyou Fuji Professional Cooperative was established;
In 2012, 500 acres of land were transferred in Hexi Village and Tanbuzhuang Village to expand the modern apple base mainly focusing on Sanyou Fuji; established Rongcheng Tonglin Fruit Cooperative;
In 2014, 300 acres of land were transferred in Hexi Village to expand the modern apple base with Sanyou Fuji as the main product; Rongcheng City Cuihong Fruit Planting Professional Cooperative was established;
In 2015, Rongcheng Chengxi Guomanduo Family Farm was established;
In 2016, Rongcheng City established the Rongcheng Apple Industry Association, and the company's general manager Yue Jiandong was elected as the chairman of the Rongcheng Apple Industry Association;
In 2017, the company carried out a share reform and changed its name to "Weihai Cuihong Fruit Co., Ltd."; circulated 530 acres of land in Dongling Hou Village to develop a modern Apple Wanglin base; the company relies on Huafeng Fruit Professional Cooperative and cooperates with Chengxi 78 poverty-stricken households in 8 villages in the sub-district established Shandong’s first joint-stock industrial poverty alleviation cooperative-Rongcheng Yinong Fruit Planting Professional Poverty Alleviation Cooperative;
In 2019, it was designated by the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange as the only Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange's apple delivery factory warehouse in Weihai; more than 1,200 acres of land were transferred in Hexi Village, Donglinghou Village, Xilinghou Village, Duoshan Zhoujia Village, and Dawolong Village. Develop a modern apple new variety base mainly planted by Wanglin and Venus; acquire 800 acres of apple base in Qianyinzikuang Village, Yinzi Town;
In 2020, establish the Rongcheng Apple Industry Research Institute, the Fruit Tree Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in Rongcheng, with the office address of the research institute located in our company; a new 300 acres of non-toxic apple seedling breeding base;
In 2021, ZCE will deliver the factory warehouse and intelligent sorting project, and the company will build a supporting atmosphere warehouse and sorting workshop of 13,000 square meters.
In 2022, the smart Apple cold chain logistics base construction project, the company will build a 20,000 square meters sorting and packaging workshop and a controlled atmosphere warehouse.